There are many opportunities available for IT professionals and technocrats, but finding a right....
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Software development is a challenging process where few issues can affect organizations....
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Though most of organizations spend a lot of time and efforts to improve software processes...
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Companies across different sectors need to understand the use of data existing in their ....
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Project Management

Software development is a challenging process where few issues can affect organizations tin terms of time and costs. A study showed good percentage of projects fail due to time delivery and/or budget factor. These can be avoided with our expert guidance. Our clients are well experienced and each client has their goals that must be met.

Smanx doesn't take up any project unless we are certain that we can satisfy the client. Smanx undertakes an initial assessment by interacting closely with clients. The prerequisite for a successful project is to understand the client's problem.

We work with the client to determine the solution. This is done through successfully deployment and implementation of project management skills which can satisfy the client. Client satisfaction is achieved through commitment to quality and by devoting focus on key issues. We are committed to working closely with our clients to understand their needs.

Our expert managers offer their domain knowledge for management and consulting phase of each project in terms of specified time, cost and scope. Our managers adopt standard project management processes such as project planning, project monitoring and controlling, project communication, risk management and resource management. Creating realistic project plans for the team holds the key for the success of any project. Our experts can help you create and apply those plans.

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